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Competitive Team

Santa Cruz Gymnastics Team Programs allow those gymnasts who are anxious to go above and beyond the norm the chance to do so.  Through the sport of gymnastics we strive to teach discipline, time management, respect for others and themselves, leadership, sportsmanship, safety, and most importantly teamwork to all of our athletes.  Being a part of our team program requires hard work but the fun and friendships are always worth it!


Pre-competitive Team

Our Pre-competitive program is designed to work with your child’s natural physical talent in a way that will lead to long term success in the competitive field of gymnastics.

The program is designed to build on the positive life lessons of competition including, but not limited to, good sportsmanship,  positive team building, goal setting and accomplishment, a strong work ethic, and even time management!

It is our goal at S.C.G.C. to teach and instill a love for gymnastics as well as teach your child lessons that they will take with them in everything else they may choose to do!

Girls Competitive Team

Santa Cruz Gymnastics is home to one of the largest competitive teams in Santa Cruz.  S.C.G.C. has 17  precompetitive gymnasts, 46 compulsory gymnasts from Level 2 to 6 and 6 optional gymnasts from Level 6 to 10.  We  also have 6 girls in our XCEL Girls Team program. The parents of all our competitive level gymnasts are active members of the very successful parents club, S.C.G.C. Booster Club.

Our compulsory and optional teams are coached by seven highly trained and experienced coaches. Team athletes practice from 6 to 25 hours per week and a gymnast’s training schedule is determined by the level of the athlete. The compulsory competitive season begins every year in August and the optional gymnasts begin their competitions in January.

If you are new to the area or just visiting, S.C.G.C. always welcomes visiting gymnasts and new gymnasts to our competitive team.

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