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We are currently accepting enrollment for Session 1, which starts the week of January 7th and ends the last week of February.  We arrange our classes in 2 month sessions.  When you enroll after a session has started, we assume you are going to start right away.  We will also pro-rate you for the remaining classes left in the session.  Once you are enrolled in a session, your child will hold their spot into the next session.  There is a $50 annual membership fee.

   See our Preschool Class Descriptions for more information about each class.


18 months to 3 Yrs. Old


3 Yrs. Old

Rising Stars

4 and 5 Yrs. Old

Classes at 3:30pm and later are during our prime-time hours.  Prime-time fee is $192.00.


4 and 5 Yrs. Old Boys