Progress Reports

Sample Progress Reports

SCGC Progress Reports provide a complete list of skills being worked on at each level. All gymnasts
will be assessed and given progress reports on a regular basis. If your child feels they are not in the level
that is best for them, please contact the office for an evaluation.

Download GIRLS Skill Sheets:

[button text=”Level 1″ link=””][button text=”Level 2″ link=””][button text=”Level 3″ link=””][button text=”Level 4″ link=””]


Download BOYS Skill Sheets:

[button text=”Level 1″ link=”/forms/Boys-Level-1-Skill-Sheet.pdf”][button text=”Level 2″ link=”/forms/Boys-Level-2-Skill-Sheet.pdf”][button text=”Level 3″ link=”/forms/Boys-Level-3-Skill-Sheet.pdf”]