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Santa Cruz Gymnastics Booster Club

General Information:

The Santa Cruz Gymnastics Booster Club is a non-profit corporation organized to provide financial support to the competitive teams. By-laws allow for nine board of directors who are elected each spring at the annual Awards Celebration and serve one year terms. Board meetings are held approximately once a month. This year’s board members represent all areas of competitive teams at Santa Cruz Gymnastics Center, Inc.

Board Members:

Lindsay Parry, President

Jennie Brown, Vice President

Aly Tom, Secretary

Kathryn Sampson, Treasurer

Jennie Brown, Proshop

The Booster Club is responsible for managing the almost $75,000 annual budget, setting and collecting assessment fees, fundraising and paying coaches’ time, travel, food, and lodging expenses when attending meets.

Each year the Booster Club collects an assessment fee from each competitive gymnast. This fee is used to pay meet fees, coaches’ stipends, travel, food, lodging expenses, team equipment and the annual awards ceremony.   The assessment fee covers only about 50-60% of these costs. The balance is obtained through fundraising. The major Booster Club sponsored fundraiser is our Begonia Gym-fest home meet which is held in mid September.

Gymnasts may also solicit donations from community members. Any company or individual donating $250 or more will be given a sponsor banner placed in the gym for advertising. Please note that any money raised by an individual athlete must be split among the athlete’s training team in order to comply with NCAA rules. No sponsor donation may follow an individual.

The Booster Club asks that each family participate in the fundraising activities. This includes working at the Begonia Gymfest home meet. The Team aspect of gymnastics is quite different from the recreational program. By joining the team, you and your child have undertaken a commitment of time, energy, and money, among other things. Congratulations!

Most commonly asked questions

What is an assessment fee?

An assessment fee must be paid prior to the start of the meet season by each team member to cover competition costs. The balance is paid by the Booster Club’s fundraising dollars.  The assessment fee primarily covers meet registration fees, coaches’ travel expenses.  Assessments do not cover competition attire (team leo, warm-ups, etc.) or membership fees for NorCal and USA Gymnastics (required).

Assessment fees for competition are based on team level and range from $500-$1450/year.

Pre-Team, and Tiny Team have a $100 assessment that helps cover coach training.

Why do I have to pay an assessment fee since I already pay a monthly fee to the gym?

The monthly fee you pay the gym covers the gymnastics instruction time at the gym only. It does not cover competition expenses such as meet registration fees and coaching at the meets.

Do I have to participate in fundraising?

One of the ways the Booster Club has been able to balance a nearly $75,000 budget is through fundraising. The more successful fundraising that takes place, the more costs can be offset. This allows the Booster Club to keep fees the same year after year. It also enables the Booster Club to purchase new equipment or provide funds for clinics or additional instruction to enhance our athletes’ performance.  All team families are expected to participate.

Does the Booster Club make a profit?

As a non-profit organization, every penny the Booster Club receives goes directly to support the teams.

If I have a problem or concern about my child’s training, to whom should I speak?

The Booster Club is a support organization. Any questions concerning your gymnast’s training should be directed to Anne Wheaton, Girls’ Team Director, Clinton Skipton, Boys’ Team Director or Jim Kinney, Owner of SCGC. Directors of the Booster Club are always happy to discuss your concerns regarding how the Booster Club can benefit your gymnast though fundraising or program enhancement, etc.